During out Amazon course, we are training individuals for daily trading in Amazon so that they can generate systematic income from trade in goods and products on a regular basis, in any market situation and in minimum time! The course does not require an early background.

You can choose between opening your own line of products with a dedictaed brand name, or alternatively, sell existing products without having to invest any funds.

E-commerce With Amazon

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Create Your Brand & Line Of Products

Amazon is a huge trading arena, so as part of the Amazon course, students learn in the first stage how to get to know it – the structure of the site, how to sign up for it, the ways to locate the products, Amazon’s global sales arenas and more. The Amazon course includes: e-commerce, advertising and promotion in Amazon, Amazon store opening procedures, e-commerce legal issues, inventory and shipping management and other issues. With the goal being that at the end of the Amazon course, students will have all the knowledge and tools to open a store on Amazon and start making money in the shortest time – because that’s the main purpose of the Amazon course is so popular. Amazon is a huge marketplace (,,,,,,,,,,, Amazon advertising and promotion measures, Amazon store opening procedures, legal issues Electronic trading, stock management and delivery and other issues. The goal is that at the end of the Amazon course, the students will have all the knowledge and tools to open a store on Amazon and start making money in the shortest time – because that’s the main purpose of the Amazon course.

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Selling On Amazon

The Amazon course is suitable for anyone interested in additional income or main income and has direct or indirect contact with the field of commerce – these can be owners of shops and businesses that seek to reach wider audiences (not only from Israel but also from the world) and these can also be artists, entrepreneurs and anyone interested , Wants or dreams to succeed in the field and earn large amounts of money and ready, to go through and invest in order to reach the desired goal. Amazon is, as noted, a huge trading arena in order to enjoy all the great economic potential it entails, it is important to know it in depth. The Amazon Trading Secrets course will provide you with the most comprehensive knowledge about Amazon and e-mail in general. In the course you will learn how to understand how Amazon is doing, how to make the first steps to enter its trading world, how to build a brand, to differentiate yourself and to make sure that people buy from you and what are the tools by which you can become part of those stories of people who “do it” And earn monthly amounts of envy.

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The Next Course Will Take Place On July 27th. 2017


Some Of The Trading Course Topics

  • Course’s Topics:
  • Step 1 – Open an account and start working on Amazon, Pioneer, the Private Label system, the process of locating and selling the product, the criteria for finding a winning product.
  • Step 2 – Find a winning product on Amazon, Finding the initial options for sale, what not to sell, the impact of reviews on the products, progress towards choosing the 3 best products, focusing on a single product, getting to know the Jungle Scout.
  • Step 3 – Find and work with suppliers, Search suppliers on designated sites, international shipments, contact suppliers, choose supplier and order samples from the product, choose a brand name and product, upload a sales page, design and packaging the product.
  • Step 4 – Shipping products to Amazon and marketing writing, Shipments to Amazon, storage fees for products at Amazon warehouses, use of FBA for sale on eBay, finding appropriate keywords for the product, principles of marketing writing, improvement of sales page.
  • Step 5 – Promoting products on Amazon, The basis for promoting products, effective correspondence with customers, promotion of the product through publication of articles, creating social proof, creating a business page on Facebook, creating advertising videos on YouTube, creating a website for a brand.
  • Step 6 – Launch the product and generate traffic, Amazon coupon code, product location in searches, your first product reviews, Amazon sponsored advertising, adding negative keywords to campaigns.
  • Step 7 – Google campaigns and social networks, Using Facebook Sponsored Ads, building coupons and landing page for use on Facebook, market segmentation and launching campaigns, Google Adwords, use of landing pages, use of social networks.
  • Step 8 – Strengthening the brand as a brand in Amazon, Acceleration of traffic and sales, cooperation to generate traffic, Amazon brand registration, inventory management, reading and analysis of reports, adding additional products to the site.
  • Step 9 – Managing an Amazon Business and Expanding Business Operations Part A – Delegation of authority and employment of employees to the business on Amazon, expansion of business operations to Europe.
  • Step 10 – Managing an Amazon Business and Expanding Business Operations Part 2: The establishment of a shop in Shufaifai, the flow of traffic to the site, patents, copyrights, the policy of your site.

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