December 25, 2016

Financial Freedom Live Webinar

  • The Two Full Hours Course takes place in GCLmarkets Online Trading Room which can be accessed from anywhere in the world using a computer or a mobile device.
  • During the Course session you will experience the market movements, "Feel" The Technical Analysis affect, and analyse charts to find profitable "Trading Idea" for " Going Long" Or " Going Short"
  • The session will be perform by Nissim Agami,  GCLmarkets top Trader.

Some Of The Webinar Topics:

How to gain from every market situation

What’s Algo Trading ? Making profits using robots.

 The “Trigger” – When Do You Want To Jump Into The Pool ?

Gaps – Taking Advantage of price differences

Entry points, Taking Profit Points

”Stop Loss” Automatic Orders

The Trend Is Your Friend – Trading with A persist direction

Technical Analysis support & Resistance

Break Up & Break Down

Managing The Trade

What is Stock Exchange? A share? A Broker?

How to set a prior plan and follow it while “In The Money” ? 

Locating your “Take Profit” & “Stop Loss” Points

Stock Exchange – Advantages & Rules

Get advantage of opportunities in real time !

Stock Exchange – Advantages & Rules

Locating the right stock for trading, Tools and Entry points.

Investments Vs. Trading – Basic Templates & Approaches

Gaining of falls – Short Sell

Treat your money right ! – where and when to liquidate, when to stop, plan your steps ahead

Get advantage of opportunities in real time !

Basic Trading Rules

Using Charts 

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