Wealth Management

wealth managementLegacy Wealth Management functions as a limited liability company and was founded by Tony DuBose, who acts as the commanding your stresses president and chief of the business. The firm provides advisory services to its customers based on a comprehension of each customer’s individual goals, goals, and risk tolerance. According to this information and a consultation with every customer, the firm’s advisers create personalized investment and financial plans with recommendations on how customers must invest in order for you to achieve their objectives. Based on each customer’s profile, LWM advisers may advocate different investment vehicles, such as equity securities, warrants, options, debt securities, real estate investment trusts, mutual funds, closed end funds, exchange traded funds, exchange traded notes, unit investment trusts, private placements, limited partnerships, structured products, other investments, certificates of deposit, master limited partnerships, annuities, along with life insurance coverage contracts. 

As of December 31, 2014, the company managed $98, 861, 751 in client assets on an optional basis and $5, 349, 448 on a non optional basis. The company was created in June 2014 by Tony DuBose, with the target of delivering unbiased, independent financial planning along with asset management services to its clients. A 1983 graduate of Valdosta State University, Mr. DuBose has been connected with the financial services industry since 1995, commencing His financial career with a significant Fortune 500 financial planning along with asset management business. He also co hosted a radio show, Your Business Matters, until 2000. 

A few of the services offered to clientele are offered through programs sponsored by LPL Financial, a company which was created in 1989 as a consequence of the merger of two independent brokerage firms, Linsco along with Private Ledger. Even though both component firms of LPL were individually relatively small, today, LPL Financial is the nation’s top independent brokerage firm, with a team of 10, 000+ financial advisors and operating from 6, 000+ branch offices nationwide. Legacy Wealth Management has been recognized as an elite group of South Florida based practices that were advisory by the National Association of Board Certified Advisory Practices for the high service quality delivered to its clients. Even though the firm was officially founded in the year 2014 as a Limited liability company, the firm, through its association with LPM Financials, has acquired a history in the financial service industry that dates back to 1968. For clientele that choose to work with 3rd party money managers to manage their accounts, LWM consultants offer clients a list of such consultants recommended by the firm. Additionally to conducting initial due diligence in Such consultants, LWM also examines their management of clients accounts on a continuing basis.

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